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Bops & Flops

Jul 19, 2019

Lady Gaga collabs with Jeff Bezo. Halle Bailey is playing Ariel and Harry Styles might be playing Prince Eric. Dua Lipa is NOT dating Chris Martin. Charli XCX's tracklist is out. Lil Nas X is a confirmed faguette. Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" is a Top 10 hit.

We break it all down + more, plus our reactions to seeing Kim...

Nov 16, 2018

Anna Klos joins me to talk Pink Fest 2 - the DIY music & art festival she's throwing to benefit a new abortion clinic opening in Skokie, IL. PLUS: Gay tangents about the Chicago Free Theatre Movement, the rise of Dragula, the ever-elusive Big Mermaid, and gay girl representation in pop. 

Pink Fest 2
Saturday November...

Nov 8, 2018

DIY pop princess Liska Steele joins me to discuss her new EP 'Crusher', the generational impact of Britney Spears, father-daughter relationships, drug dealers, the "short album trend", and the implications of a post-pop world.

Twitter: @bopsandflopspod


Oct 5, 2018

A Star is Born is finally out in the world. Does it live up to expectations? Is Lady Gaga about to win multiple Oscars? Where does the story fit in the context of modern pop music? And most importantly, is the music any good? Georgie Morvis returns to answer all these questions and more on the second part of our A Star...